The Trust does not accept unsolicited applications. We maintain an active interest in the fields we support and identify projects that may help to advance our charitable purpose.


The Alexander Mosley Charitable Trust has supported the following charitable organisations:


Via Action on Addiction, the Trust is funding research at Kings College on helping recovering addicts to sleep better.

The Trust also supported a research project on the risks around prescribing painkillers to recovering addicts.




The Regimental Museum of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces




Alive and Kicking is an innovative charity that educates through producing footballs in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia





Arkbound is working to improve diversity in the media and to give marginalised people a voice.



The Children’s Radio Foundation trains young new radio journalists in DRC, Ivory Coast, Liberia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia to create opportunities for youth dialogue, community building and leadership.


Set up in 2003 as a living memorial to the life of campaigning journalist, Donald Woods, The Donald Woods Foundatation helps people in the most remote, rural, under-developed communities in South Africa to access opportunity, realise their potential and flourish.




Donkeys have long ears.




The Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport prevents road deaths in the former Soviet Union.





Global New Car Assessment Programme – making cars all over the world safer.







The Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology is pioneering research into the impact of drugs on the brain, with a view to better understanding brain functions and developing new treatments for disorders such as addiction and depression.


Inside Justice assists those in prison in England and Wales who are protesting their innocence by reinvestigating their cases, and where there are reasons to think they may have been wrongly imprisoned, helping them to try and overturn their conviction.




The Independent Press Regulation Trust, established “to promote, for the benefit of the public, high standards of ethical conduct and best practice in journalism and the editing and publication of news in the print and other media, having regard to the need to act within the law and to protect both the privacy of individuals and freedom of expression.”


Researching the history of the news – reporting on the battle of Waterloo.




The Oasis Partnership is providing specialist drug and alcohol support services across Buckinghamshire.






Advancing access to human rights and the rule of law.





The Trust is supporting the construction of new physics laboratories at Oxford University.


Sreepur is a safe haven village for destitute single mothers and their children in Bangladesh.



The Topsy Foundation is helping children in communities damaged by HIV AIDS in rural South Africa.



Improving standards in forensic science.




353 is supporting ex-service men facing hardship and bereaved military families.





The image at the top shows construction of the new physics laboratories at Oxford.